Pure Original - Vine ripened strawberries, sweet apples, and juicy watermelon
       Pure Ice - Vine ripened strawberries, sweet apples, juicy watermelon, and cooling menthol
       Mist Original - Sweet green apple, peach, and kiwi mixed to perfection
       Mist Ice - Sweet green apple, peach, and kiwi mixed to perfection with cooling menthol

​​​Cookie King

     DVNK - A graham cracker cookie dunked in vanilla frosting. Dunkaroos!​

     Tribeca - Smooth, transcendent tobacco with a velvety, sweet finish *****

     Freedom - Pure, first-rate Virginia tobacco with a delightfully sweet finish *****

     Subzero - A fridgid menthol *****

     Turkish Tobecco -  Lavish, mellow, sun-cured tobacco flavors *****

     Menthol Ice -  A smooth blast of menthol with thick, full, satisfying vapor *****

Ice Rabbit

          Spearmint - A combination of sweet mint and icy menthol
Mighty Vapors

          Frozen Hulk Tears - Our classic Hulk Tears with a slight menthol twist
          Hulk Tears - Our famous sour watermelon apple candy backed by fresh berries on the exhale
          Majestic Mango - A superior blend of succulent mango nectar
Moose Knuckles

          Quitters Tobacco - The closest thing to a real cigarette *****

Naked 100

     American Patriots - Classic cut rich tobacco *****

     Euro Gold - Carribian tobacco *****

     Cuban Gold - Smooth Tobacco *****
Pacha Mama

          Fuji Apple / Strawberry / Nectarine - Crisp Fuji Apple, aromatic strawberries, and nectarine
Vape 7 Daze

          Reds Apple - A delicious crisp red apple flavor, that will remind you of your favorite apple juice
          Reds Apple Iced - A fabulous flavor of freshly cut, crisp apples

          Pink Punch Lemonade - Zesty, sweet and tart strawberry

          Killer Kustard - A creamy, custard dessert treat with subtle hints of vanilla sweetness

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***** Starting December 1st 2019 *****

NYS Supplemental 20% Vapor Tax on


E-Liquids, Salt E-Liquid & Pre-Filled Pods

***** Starting January 1st 2020 *****

Nassau County Law

E-Liquid sales restricted to

Mint, Menthol & Tobacco

All Juices that will be sold after this date are marked